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Properties panel

Configure properties for a sheet or visualization in the properties panel.

Click Properties in the toolbar of a sheet to open the properties panel. You have to be in edit mode.

Click on the sheet to view the properties for the sheet. Click on a visualization to view the properties for the visualization.

Properties panel with a visualization selected

Properties panel with visualization selected.

For sheets, you can:

  • Edit sheet title and description
  • Add a thumbnail for a sheet
  • Change the grid spacing, sheet size, and layout
  • Apply alternate states to the sheet
  • Add actions triggered when users navigate to the sheet

Depending on the visualization that you are editing, you have different options. Typically, you can do the following:

  • Add dimensions and measures and specify how they are displayed
  • Set the sorting order and sorting criteria
  • Change the way the visualization appears
  • Configure custom tooltips

See: Creating and editing visualizations