Getting set up on Cloud Services

Qlik Sense Business and Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services are hosted by Qlik. The administrator sets up an identity provider for users and manages the tenant. Users log in with the ID and password provided by their administrator.

You can register for a Qlik Sense Business trial subscription on

Log in to cloud editions of Qlik Sense

Logging in

You log in to cloud editions of Qlik Sense by entering your log in credentials.

What can you do in cloud editions of Qlik Sense

If you are new to Qlik Sense and want to know what you can do in the cloud editions of Qlik Sense, check out a brief presentation and overview.

If you are an owner or administrator

Learn how to register for a subscription, request the tenant domain and license the deployment.


To begin using a cloud edition of Qlik Sense, you must register for a subscription.


Request your Qlik tenant domain and configure your deployment.


Log in and license the deployment.

Assign user access

Assign access to users.

Assign tenant admins

Assign more tenant admins.

Create new identity provider configuration

You can use an already existing IdP when setting up your deployment.