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System administration overview

The service account owner is the person who registers for the subscription or trial. Only the service account owner can configure the tenant.

Note: The service account owner can be changed by contacting Qlik.

The service account owner:

  • Receives a welcome email.
  • Logs in to activate the account.
  • Configures the initial deployment.
  • Becomes the default tenant administrator.
  • Manages user allocations.

    Note: The user allocation section has two tabs: Overview and User allocations.
  • Assigns user roles.

  • Activates and disables users.

    Note: The service account owner can add users in one of two ways. If you have an identity provider (IdP), you can create an IdP configuration in the Identity provider section. If you do not have an IdP, you can add users by sending invite emails. Use the Invite button in the Users section. You can also invite users from your profile. For more information about managing users, see User management.
  • Resends or deletes user invitations.

The service account owner also manages their digital subscription, including the following:

  • Purchases subscriptions.
  • Renews subscriptions.
    Note: Only the service account owner can renew a subscription.
  • Adds seats to a subscription.
  • Removes seats from a subscription.