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Viewing dataset details


Viewing dataset details

Dataset details provide an information overview of your data. User-defined properties and tags are included in this summary along with metadata such as size, owner, file type, and created and last modified timestamps.

From the hub Home tab, navigate to Your data; or from Explore, open the Data tab.

Click on Open dataset to view details

When hovering over a dataset tile in the Home tab, the data file extension icon (example: .XLSX) changes to an Open dataset button. The source file name displays below it. Note that datasets inherit the name of the original data file and can be edited.

Select Open dataset to view Details.

Details view displays relevant metadata including File type, Total rows, and Total fields. Applied tags and properties also display.

Dataset details

Dataset details
Details Description
Type Object type (example: Dataset)
Source Original data file name (example: MyVolumes.txt)
Creator The name of the user who uploaded the data (example: TW Tom Walden)
File type File type extension (example: .TXT)
Space The name of the destination space (example: Personal)
Created date Timestamp of dataset object creation (example: Feb 18, 2021 7:21 PM)
Size File size (example: 555.9 KB)
Owner The creator or user the dataset was shared with (example:  JS Jan Smith)
Modified date

Timestamp of the last modification made on the dataset (example: Feb 18, 2021 7:21 PM)


(optional) Any properties that have been applied (example: PHI (Personal Health Information Yes))

Tags Metatags that have been applied display (example: tag1, tier3, upgrade, and so on)


Permissions are required in a space to view datasets and view dataset details. Both actions map to the permission List and use data source. For more information, see Managing permissions in shared spaces or Managing permissions in managed spaces.

  • View datasets > List and use data source
  • View details > List and use data source
Note: Note that Tenant Admins can view datasets and details about datasets belonging to other user spaces but they can not add properties or use Create app from data, or Profile the datasets.


Select the icon More menumenu for the following options:

  • Add to Collection: Collections are organizations of objects in the cloud hub. Select this option to:
    • Search for a collection
    • Create collection
    • Add to a collection
    Selections made here display in the Collections tab.
  • Create app from data: See Creating an app from data

  • Profile data: See Profiling data

  • Edit: Select to edit Name, Description, or Tags. See Tagging datasets