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Configuring dataset properties


Configuring dataset properties

Properties can be applied to datasets in order to associate them with specific data compliance standards. This is a valuable feature for data administrators responsible for data protection and compliance with regional and industry-specific privacy requirements.

From the hub Home tab, navigate to Your data; or from Explore, open the Data tab.

  1. Select Open dataset and then the Properties tab. Any properties that have already been applied to the dataset display in the list.

  2. To view or apply available properties, select Add property.

  3. Applying properties to a dataset

  4. Select the applicable property for it to appear in the property list for that dataset. After the list populates, selectable values for the properties (Yes/No) display. Select any additional properties that are applicable and specify a value for that property. Be aware that these properties are user-defined through this process; data is not automatically identified for inclusion in these categories.


    The last property is a custom property listed as Subject area. If you want to apply a custom property to the dataset, select this property and enter a descriptive value that will identify the dataset with that policy or grouping. When these properties and associated values are applied, the properties and values appear on the Details page for each dataset. For example, you can choose Subject area and describe it with the value "proprietary". Once complete, the details page will list "Subject area" with "proprietary" as the value.


Permissions are required to edit and apply properties. Look for the permission Edit and apply properties to data source in the space for details in these topics: see Managing permissions in shared spaces or Managing permissions in managed spaces.