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What is Qlik Catalog for QVDs?

A fully searchable catalog enables data consumers to easily find and select the QVDs they need without having to navigate complex folder hierarchies or rely on file naming conventions.Qlik Catalog for QVDs is an offering specially focused on making QVDs easier to discover, understand, and consume. Users will be interested in four primary areas of the application to customize preferences, catalog, import and publish of QVDs.

Note: Qlik Catalog for QVDs is a separate offering from the full-featured Qlik Catalog.

Installation Guides

This document describes how to install and deploy Qlik Catalog for QVDs.

Before Starting

Requisite setup should be in place for users moving data through connections between Qlik Catalog and Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Securing data

Security provides a console to administer role-based access permissions to users and groups leveraging domain management technologies.

Data Catalog for insight and actions

Catalog is an interactive marketplace dashboard providing immediate insight and actions for targeted QVD entities across the data ecosystem.

Administration of QVDs and metadata import

QVDs are accessed, synced, and imported from Qlik Sense connections through QVD import. Other administration utilities provide operations like performance monitoring, integration with Active Directory, and metadata import for migrating critical business information across catalog environments.

Discovering and managing metadata

Discover enables analysts to view and explore QVD sources and metadata. Users can search, browse, create, and edit QVD properties for collaborative data curation and governance.