Troubleshooting Qlik Associative Big Data Index

This section describes problems that can occur when deploying, indexing or using Qlik Associative Big Data Index.

The Qlik Sense app hangs

If you experience that the Qlik Sense app hangs and does not respond to input, this is either due to:

  • Qlik Associative Big Data Index components in the cluster are unstable.
  • The Qlik associative engine is unstable.

The first step is to verify that Qlik Associative Big Data Index services are running on all nodes in the cluster:

  • Indexing Manager
  • Indexing Symbol Servers
  • Indexing Indexer Servers
  • QSL Executor and Registry
  • QSL Manager
  • QSL Workers

Connect to all nodes and check that Qlik Associative Big Data Index services are running with:

  • ps -ef | grep -E '[i]ndexer_tool|[q]sl_processor_tool'

If indexing and QSL services are not responding or have stopped running, you should kill all running processes and restart the services.

To kill all QSL and Indexer processes:

cd /home/ubuntu/dist/runtime/scripts/qsl_processor ./ cd /home/ubuntu/dist/runtime/scripts/indexer ./

To restart services:

cd /home/ubuntu/dist/runtime/scripts/indexer ./ cd /home/ubuntu/dist/runtime/scripts/qsl_processor ./

We also recommend that you restart the Qlik associative engine:

  1. Connect to the Qlik Sense client host with RDP.
  2. Open Services in Settings.
  3. Locate the Qlik Sense Engine Service (Qlik Sense) process and restart the process.
  4. If the Qlik Sense Engine Service Stop operation is taking a long time, you need to kill the process in Task Manager and then start the service from Services.