Removing access passes

Hinweis: This page is only valid for token-based licenses.

This section describes how to free up tokens for new allocations of access passes by removing existing access passes in the Qlik Management Console (QMC).

User access pass

When a user access pass is removed, it enters a quarantine for seven (7) days, counting from the last time that the access pass was used. For example, if the access pass is used on January 10, the tokens used to allocate the access pass are not available for new allocations until January 18.

During the quarantine period, the original allocation of the access pass can be reinstated, which means that the quarantine period ends and the user can start using the access pass again.

Login access pass

When a login access group is removed, the tokens used to allocate the access pass become available in accordance to the following procedure:

  1. For every ten (10) unused login access passes, one (1) token is freed up.
  1. For every ten (10) login access passes that leave the used state after the period specified in Login access pass has passed, one (1) token is freed up.