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The content in the hub is organized in streams. A stream is a collection of apps that a group of users has specific access to. The users of the stream can have different access rights. Some users might only be able to read the content in the stream, while others might have the rights to publish their content to the stream.

By default, Qlik Sense includes a stream called Everyone, which all users have both read and publish rights to.

All users have their own space, called Work, for their personal content, ensuring there is a clear separation between personal (not yet published) and trusted (published) information.

The read and publish rights on the streams are defined in the Qlik Management Console.

See: Creating access rights for streams

A toast notification is displayed, if a stream has been deleted or renamed.

An app can only be published to one stream. To be able to publish an app to another stream the app must first be copied and then published to the second stream.

In this example there are different departments within a company. All users within all departments have both read and publish rights in the stream Everyone.
Only users who belong to the finance department have access to the stream Finance. Some of the users have both publish and read rights and some only have read rights.
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