What’s new in Qlik Sense 3.2?

Here are the highlights of the new Qlik Sense release:

Improved user experience

You can now set colors for measures (Colors and measures). As well, improvements have been made in navigation and search.

You can now automatically create calendar-based measures (Calendar measures).

Transitioning from QlikView

The QlikView converter allows you to transfer work from existing QlikView documents into Qlik Sense (QlikView converter).

New architecture for multi-node sites

You can now deploy multi-node sites to share the repository database and application files (Shared persistence).


Create, Discover, Collaborate

Calendar measures

You can now create calendar measures to analyze data over relative time ranges. For example, you can use calendar measures to compare year-to-date sales figures with figures from the same period the previous year.

Calendar measures

Colors and measures

You can select colors for charts based on measures. You can also specify a single color from a full color palette.

Coloring a visualization


Shared persistence

You can now deploy a multi-node site with shared persistence. This means that nodes share a single repository database and a single network folder for the application files. You can either share the central node repository, or set up a high availability database cluster as the repository database. This allows for higher volumes of changes, such as reloads, and removes delays caused by synchronization.


Desktop authentication

Qlik Sense Desktop users can now authenticate against their Qlik Sense Enterprise server. The Qlik Sense Enterprise administrator configures an authentication link in the Qlik Management Console, and distributes it to users.

QlikView converter

The QlikView converter simplifies the work associated with converting elements from a QlikView document into master items in a Qlik Sense app. Visualizations, expressions, dimensions, and variables can be selected for conversion. The tool is available from the Dev Hub.


This PDF contains all the news and updates since the first release of Qlik Sense.

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