What’s new in Qlik Sense 3.1?

Here are the highlights of the new Qlik Sense release:

Improved user experience

You can now search in Qlik DataMarket packages (Search Qlik DataMarket). For all data sources, administrators can set whether to index data when it is reloaded, for a better search experience (Qlik Management Console).

App designers can choose a theme with object borders (Default app theme ), and can drag and drop colors (Drag and drop coloring).

Enhanced data profiling

We now recognize geographical data when it is loaded (City and country recognition when loading data), and association algorithms are improved.

More powerful data loading

You can now filter data in the database connector for ODBC connections (What’s new in Qlik Sense 3.1?). With the Salesforce connector, you can chunk data during loading (Salesforce Connector supports primary key chunking).

Create, Discover, Collaborate

City and country recognition when loading data

Geographical data (points and area polygons) are now created automatically when you load data containing names of recognized cities and countries. This enables you to quickly create a map visualization of your data without loading geographical data separately.

Loading map data

Scroll alignment

You can now set the position of the chart scroll bar to start at the end of the data.

Line chart properties

Default app theme

You can now change the default app theme. The new Qlik - Standard theme adjusts the padding and spacing around objects as well as provides designated spaces for titles. New and existing apps use the Qlik - Classic theme by default.

Styling an app

Drag and drop coloring

You can now drag and drop any field, dimension, or measure from the assets panel onto a visualization to change the color.

Coloring a visualization


You can now choose to show or hide the navigation menu in the hub.

The hub

Search Qlik DataMarket

Qlik DataMarket now includes a search facility that allows users to search for terms and phrases in DataMarket's packages, categories, and data sets.

Searching Qlik DataMarket

Salesforce Connector supports primary key chunking

The Qlik Salesforce Connector now supports primary key (PK) chunking when data is loaded in Bulk mode.


Qlik Management Console

The QMC now has an engine setting: Create search index during reload, which improves the first search experience for a user.

Editing an engine


This PDF contains all the news and updates since the first release of Qlik Sense.

News since Qlik Sense 1.0