English Qlik Sense 2.2

Deploying Qlik Sense sites in cloud computing environments

This guide describes the Qlik Deployment Console (QDC), which is used to create and manage Qlik Sense sites that are deployed in cloud computing environments.

Using the QDC, you can:

  • Create and manage Qlik Sense sites
  • Incorporate existing sites for use in the QDC
  • Create, manage, clone, and delete nodes in Qlik Sense sites that are deployed in cloud computing environments
  • Monitor the status of sites
  • Manage the plug-ins that are used to provide different cloud computing environments for your Qlik Sense sites
  • Create tasks that are used to transfer apps between sites
  • Manage different versions of the Qlik Sense setup files, which allows different sites to use different versions of Qlik Sense
  • Create and manage objects that contain different settings for the plug-ins and cloud computing environments

The example below shows how the QDC can be used to manage multiple sites that are deployed in different cloud computing environments. The sites are logically separated from each other.

Short form Description
QRS Qlik Sense Repository Service


Qlik Sense Proxy Service
QSS Qlik Sense Scheduler Service


Qlik Sense Engine Service
QMC Qlik Management Console

See: Architecture