English Qlik Sense 2.1

User interface navigation and interaction

What you can do and see in Qlik Sense

What you can see and do in Qlik Sense depends on what access rights your Qlik Sense system administrator has granted you. This means that you can see some parts of the user interface or perform some actions only when the app is in a specific state or based on your access rights.

Starting Qlik Sense

You start Qlik Sense by entering a web address in your browser. Qlik Sense opens at the hub, which is where you see all the apps you have access to.

Navigating in the user interface

See a walkthrough of the interface to get to know the different views and how you can navigate between them.

Interacting with the user interface

Learn how to interact withQlik Sense in the different views and learn specific interaction patterns depending on what kind of device you use.

Troubleshooting - Navigate and interact

Find solutions to some problems that you might encounter when navigating in and interacting with Qlik Sense.