Share and collaborate

Qlik Sense is developed with collaboration in mind. Qlik Sense tools help create a common understanding and support decisions making.


Because individuals can create their own content, they can experiment freely, and work on their ideas. When those ideas prove valuable, this content can be published in Qlik Sense, which means the entire community can benefit from the best ideas.

Exporting and printing

Because people can export and print sheets and visualizations, it is easy to capture insights and share them widely.

By allowing users to export and print sheets and visualizations, users can easily generate insights in multiple formats and share them with people outside the boundaries of a Qlik Sense environment.

Data storytelling

The data storytelling feature in Qlik Sense provides a way of converting insights into a compelling and convincing story consisting of snapshots of data that can be used to educate, innovate, and influence decision making.