What is Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense is a self-service data visualization and discovery application designed for all business users whether, individuals, groups, or organizations. With Qlik Sense you can analyze data and make data discoveries on your own. You can share knowledge and analyze data in groups and across organizations. Qlik Sense lets you ask and answer your own questions and follow your own paths to insight, as well as enabling you and your colleagues to reach decisions collaboratively.

The Qlik Sense tour

The Qlik Sense product family

The Qlik Sense product family includes Qlik Sense Desktop, Qlik Sense Cloud and Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Qlik Analytics Platform

The Qlik Analytics Platform is a package that gives developers and OEM partners the ability to embed Qlik´s visual analytics capabilities into any application through web mashups or by embedding into custom applications. It includes the QIX analytics engine and the full suite of product APIs and SDKs.

Qlik Sense Enterprise

Qlik Sense Enterprise is a self-service environment built on top of the Qlik Analytics Platform, with a focus on empowering end users to do self-service exploration, discovery, and storytelling.

Qlik Sense Desktop

Qlik Sense Desktop is a Windows application that gives individuals the opportunity to try out Qlik Sense and create personalized, interactive data visualizations, reports, and dashboards from multiple data sources with drag-and-drop ease. It is free for personal and internal business use.

Qlik Sense Cloud

Qlik Sense Cloud is a solution for sharing Qlik Sense apps, so that you can collaborate with others and make data discoveries together. Additionally, users can access the cloud and the apps from any device, including mobile devices, with an Internet connection and a modern web browser.