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Qlik Sense help

The Qlik Sense help site contains guidance on installing, deploying, working with, and administering Qlik Sense.

Getting started

Qlik Sense

Get a quick start and introduction to what Qlik Sense is and how to work with it.

Qlik Sense Cloud

Introducing you to Qlik Sense Cloud. Share your discoveries with others, anywhere.

Working with Qlik Sense

This section describes how to create and build apps and how to prepare them for others to use. Topics include how to load data into an app, how to create visualizations for your data to be shown, how to explore and discover with an app, and much more.

Deploying Qlik Sense

In this section you will find how to plan, deploy and make your Qlik Sense installation operational.
You will also find how to perform maintenance on your installation, for example how to update, repair or modify it.

Administering Qlik Sense

In this section you will find how to configure, maintain, monitor, and manage a Qlik Sense installation.
You can find out how to manage and monitor various Qlik Sense resources with the Qlik Management Console (QMC).

Extending Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense exposes a rich set of APIs and SDKs that allow you to extend and customize Qlik Sense for a variety of purposes, such as building your own visualizations and mashups, as well as tools for server, clients and connectors.

Visit the developer help site to see how to use these APIs and SDKs.