Qlik Sense Desktop

Qlik Sense Desktop is a version of Qlik Sense that is intended for you to try out and explore Qlik Sense before purchasing Qlik Sense or subscribing to Qlik services.

The apps you create in Qlik Sense Desktop can be exported and used in the full version of Qlik Sense, or by another person’s Qlik Sense Desktop installation.

Comparing Qlik Sense Desktop with Qlik Sense

There are some differences between Qlik Sense Desktop and Qlik Sense:

  • You can only run Qlik Sense Desktop on your local Windows computer - use of multiple screens or tablets, for example, is not supported.
  • Apps cannot be published, and because of this, there is no support for streams.
  • Security or authentication functionality is not supported.
  • There is no autosave function - you have to save your work manually by clicking Save in the toolbar. The app is automatically saved when reloading the script.
  • Qlik Sense Desktop will run in the language of your operating system and the language cannot be altered.
  • You can share apps using Qlik Cloud from Qlik Sense Desktop.
  • Qlik Sense Desktop includes the quick data load feature that allows you to load data easily without using the data load editor. You access quick data load using the global menu (¨).

Installing and starting Qlik Sense Desktop

Download and double-click the Qlik Sense Desktop setup file to start the installation and follow the installation instructions on your screen.

After having completed your installation, a shortcut will be available from the desktop as well as from the Start menu (Start > All Programs > Qlik Sense > Qlik Sense Desktop).

Getting started with using Qlik Sense Desktop

Learn the fundamentals of how to create and customize visualizations, reports and dashboards by exploring a collection of how to videos: