Working with Qlik Sense

This section describes how to use and work with Qlik Sense. It tells you about key concepts, how to get started building apps, how to load data from different data sources, how to design effective data visualizations so your data is presented in the best way for others to explore, and much more.

Before you begin

Start by familiarizing yourself with Qlik Sense and its key concepts. Find out how to navigate in the user interface and how to use touch gestures and keyboard shortcuts in the different user interface views.

Getting started with building apps

Get a quick start by creating your first app and loading data from a file into it. Make the app ready to use for data discovery by adding some visualizations to show the loaded data.

Load data into Qlik Sense

Learn how to load data from various data sources into the app.

Create visualizations

Learn how to create and build visualizations to present your data. Discover which visualizations are best suited to which purposes, and find out which chart expressions and functions there are to use, and so on.

Explore, discover and analyze

After having built an app you can start to explore it to find connections in your data. As you make selections in visualizations and go into the details of your data you gain new insights as you filter through data in selected areas.

Share insights using data storytelling

Share your data discoveries through data storytelling. Learn how to take snapshots of your visualizations and include them in a story time line. Add visual effects to add impact to the story.