Get started building mashups

Learn how to create and build a basic mashup, displaying content from a supplied app.

Embedding apps in web pages

The App Integration API provides parameters that can be used to create an URL that returns a complete HTML page containing the embedded app. This URL can be embedded in a web page, for example by including it in an iframe.

How to embed an app

App Integration API

Create visualizations on the fly

Qlik visual is a custom element definition, <qlik-visual>, that uses the Visualization API and exposes it as a web component. It allows you to create and modify visualizations on the fly without making use of the Qlik Sense client.

How to create on the fly


Embedding objects in web pages

You can integrate single Qlik Sense visualizations, sheets or snapshots into an iframe. You use the Single Integration API to define how the object should be integrated into your web site.

How to embed objects in web pages

Single Integration API

Dev Hub

Dev Hub is a development toolbox that helps you build, for instance mashups. It consists of editors and templates for creating basic mashups and examples.

Launch Dev Hub

Mashup editor

Visual Studio plugin

The Qlik Analytics plugin for Visual Studio is a development toolbox to simplify how to integrate Qlik Sense functionality in web mashups.

Visual Studio plugin