English Qlik Sense Developers 3.1

Get Qlik engine health information

The health check request gets information on system statistics and usage from the Qlik engine.

Health check information

The health check is invoked through an HTTP GET request. A JSON response from a health check contains the following information about the engine:

  • Version
  • Start time
  • Session information
  • Document information
  • Metrics (selections and calls)
  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • Cache statistics

If a proxy is installed on the same node as the engine, it will route the health check request to the engine on the same node. If you have a setup with several nodes and want system statistics and usage information from any node running engine without a proxy, then you should address the node directly using the engine’s default port 4747.

URLs for Server, with proxy installed

  • /engine/healthcheck/

  • /engine/healthcheck

Example: https://hostname/engine/healthcheck

The hostname is the address of the machine with proxy installed.

URLs for Qlik Sense Desktop and server nodes with no proxy

  • /engine/healthcheck/

  • /engine/healthcheck
  • /healthcheck/
  • /healthcheck


  • For Qlik Sense Desktop: localhost:4848/healthcheck

  • For a server version: hostname:4747/healthcheck

Example JSON

An example of the JSON response with HealthcheckStatus.

	"version": "2.7.50501.0409.10",
	"started": "20160314T103522.000+0100",
	"mem": {
		 "comitted": 63.98046875,
		 "allocated": 228.5625,
		 "free": 21680.28515625
	"cpu": {
		"total": 0
	"session": {
		"active": 2,
		"total": 2
	"apps": {
		"active_docs": ["C:/Users/SomeUser/Documents/Qlik/Sense/Apps/TestApp.qvf",
		"loaded_docs": ["C:/Users/SomeUser/Documents/Qlik/Sense/Apps/TestApp.qvf",
		"calls": 34,
		"selections": 0
	"users": {
		"active": 1,
		"total": 1
	"cache": {
		"hits": 0,
		"lookups": 0,
		"added": 0,
		"replaced": 0,
		"bytes_added": 0