English Qlik Sense Developers 3.1


Your Qlik Sense installation comes with a number of widget, visualization extension and mashup examples. These examples are designed as guidance when building your own custom visualization objects or mashups. and. They are not intended for production use.

Widget examples

The following widgets are included in the widget-examples library that comes with the Qlik Sense installation.

Widget example Purpose and description
Barchart A bar chart, created only with HTML & CSS.
Branded KPI Branded KPI tile, demonstrating how to create a fully responsive Widget.
Drill KPI A KPI tile where you can add up to three measures.
Formatted table with title Formatted table with a conditional title.
Icon next sheet Customizable arrow-icon to jump to the next sheet.
Responsive KPI Simple customizable and responsive KPI tile.

Visualization extension examples

Extension example Purpose and description
Hello world Demonstrates the absolute minimal requirements for a visualization extension.
People chart Demonstrates a simple chart with basic HTML rendering and selection support. It shows how to enable dimensions and measures, and how to make a simple visualization extension. It also gives an example on how to enable selections.
Toolbar Demonstrates how to programatically call Qlik Sense functions. It also shows that you can create a visualization extension that does not visualize Qlik Sense data but is used for interaction with the app. You do this by leveraging the Capability APIs in your visualization extension.
Horizontal list Demonstrates how to build a visualization extension based on a list object definition and it also demonstrates some different options for implementing selection support.
Simple table Demonstrates a basic table, including a hypercube, paging and usage of the Backend API.
Angular chart Demonstrates a simple chart with basic AngularJS rendering.
On demand application generation

Demonstrates how to use the Qlik Analytics Platform APIs to create Qlik Sense applications for visualizing very large and frequently changing data sets.

See: User Guide – OnDemandApplicationGeneration Extension

Mashup examples

Mashup example Purpose / description
Helpdesk Demonstrates how to include Qlik Sense visualizations in a web page using the Mashup editor and by using drag and drop, without any additional programming. It is based on the Basic mashup template.

Where to find the examples

  • Qlik Sense Desktop: ...\Users\<UserName>\Documents\Qlik\Examples\Extensions.

  • Qlik Sense: ...\ProgramData\Qlik\Examples\Extensions.