What’s new in Qlik Sense 3.1?

Custom components

Custom components are small, self-contained elements of code (JavaScript and CSS) that can be used and re-used when building widgets. Custom components make it easier for the widget designer to include sophisticated UI items such as sliders, date-pickers, and tabs because no JavaScript programming is required: the components are ready-made. The custom components are added to widgets in a declarative way.

This feature is published as BETA in this release.

Custom components

Custom Component API

Qlik Sense Repository Service API

New interpretation of SchemaEvent date properties

The interpretation of the startDate and expirationDate properties of the SchemaEvent entity has changed. Previously these properties represented a date and time stamp including offset. The time zone (in IANA/Olson format) is now stored in a separate property (called timeZone). In addition, the new property daylightSavingTime now indicates whether daylight savings is observed (valid values are "ObserveDaylightSavingTime", "PermanentStandardTime", "PermanentDaylightSavingTime"). The QRS API will continue to accept offsets, but we recommend that you update your code to use the new properties because the support of offsets will be removed in a future release.

Widget editor

New widget components in the properties panel builder

You can now use the Widget editor to add two more types of graphical interface components to your widgets: Radio buttons and Switch. These are included as available components in the properties panel builder under Items.

Adding components to a widget

Qlik Explorer for developers

  • Templates.

    It is now possible to create custom templates where you can define code snippets that suit your specific needs. This feature replaces the “Mode” feature that was available in the tree view in earlier releases.

    For more information about Templates, see Templates

  • Actions have been removed from the tree view.

    Actions are now listed in the Code tab along with other snippets, instead of being represented as separate nodes in the tree view.

  • New design of Code tab.

    The Code tab and the use of Drag-and-Drop from the tree view has been redesigned to fit the new template concept. Drag-and-drop from the tree will always yield the ID of the node irrespective of the currently selected template. All other snippets are accessed from the Code tab where you can switch between snippets from different template.


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