English Qlik Sense Developers 2.2

Dev Hub tools

Extension editor

The Extension editor assists you getting started creating visualization extensions. It supports JavaScript, QEXT, HTML and CSS file formats.

Mashup editor

The Mashup editor assists you in getting started creating mashups displaying Qlik Sense data on your web page. It supports JavaScript, HTML and CSS file formats.

Single configurator

The Single configurator is a Qlik Sense tool that provides an easy way of creating simple mashup pages without having to write any code . It returns a Qlik Sense object, which is identified in a URL. The Qlik Sense object is, typically, a visualization from an app, for example a Line chart.

The Single configurator creates a URL that returns a complete HTML page that contains something generic, of which an embedded visualization is an example. This URL can be embedded in a web page by including it in an iframe, for example .