English Qlik Sense Developers 2.2

Root API



The qlik interface is the external interface to Qlik Sense, used for mashups and for including Qlik Sense objects in external web pages.

For example, it contain methods for listing Qlik Sense apps available and opening one or multiple Qlik Sense apps.


var config = {
	host: "myhost.com",
	prefix: "/",
	port: window.location.port,
	isSecure: true
require(["js/qlik"], function(qlik) {
	// open the app
	var app = qlik.openApp("c31e2aba-3b46-4b13-8b87-c5c2514dea1d", config);
	// insert Qlik objects into the page.
	app.getObject(document.getElementById("LB01"), "uPyZavD");