Dev Hub links replace Workbench links

All the links to tools and pages that previously contained "workbench" now refer to "dev-hub".

Connect to custom data sources

Getting started with the QVX SDK

Learn how to get started building custom connectors with the QVX SDK.


The QVX SDK contains two example solutions that you can use to learn more about how to develop your own connector.

Communicate with Qlik Sense


Get an understanding of how to communicate with Qlik Sense, including concepts like authentication, authorization and virtual proxies.

Qlik Sense Proxy Service APIs

Check out the Proxy Service APIs, which are used for authentication, session handling and load balancing.

Qlik Sense APIs and SDKs

Explore the full collection of the Qlik Sense APIs and SDKs. The client APIs are used when embedding Qlik Sense in web applications and when extending Qlik Sense with custom visualization extensions. Use the server side REST APIs to manage data and configuration information for your site. You can also use them to manage site authentication and import users and groups from external sources.