Qlik Sense APIs and SDKs

In this section you will find reference information on the Qlik Sense APIs and SDKs.

Client side APIs

Use the client side APIs to build visualization extensions and mashups. You can make use of them when embedding Qlik Sense in web applications and when extending Qlik Sense with custom visualization extensions.

Server side APIs

Use the server side REST APIs to manage data and configuration information for your site. You can also use them to manage site authentication, session handling and load balancing. They also provide functionality for importing users and groups from external sources.

QVX SDK reference

Use the Qlik QVX SDK to build customized connectors, used to retrieve data from data sources not supported by a generic Qlik Sense installation.


.NET SDK reference

Use the Qlik Sense .NET SDK to integrate Qlik Sense in your own windows applications.