Qlik Sense for Developers help

The Qlik Sense platform exposes a rich set of APIs and SDKs that allow you to extend and customize Qlik Sense.

Platform overview

The Qlik Sense product family is built on top of the Qlik Analytics Platform. It is a platform for building visual analytics based on Qlik Sense rich frontend and backend APIs. It lets you build web applications for deployments such as Extranet and/or the Internet.

Qlik Sense Workbench

Qlik Sense Workbench provide tools for getting started building your very first visualization extension and mashup.

Client side integration

The client side integration capabilities of Qlik Sense, like visualization extensions and mashups, are all built upon open client side APIs.

Creating custom connectors

The Qlik Sense platform allows you to integrate custom data sources by using the Qlik data eXchange (QVX) SDK. It encapsulates logic in a custom connector and provides a seamless user experience.

Creating .NET applications

The .NET SDK is a development library for Visual Studio and is based on .NET and Common Language Runtime. It exposes the Qlik Engine API and built-in client objects as .NET classes and it hides low level logic.

Building server tools

The Qlik Sense server side APIs lets you manage all data and configuration information for your site as well as site authentication, session handling, and load balancing.

Building clients

The Qlik Engine API provides access to the Qlik Sense engine that enables you to build a client outside a web browser (for example in .NET or Java) and for extending the functionality of a web browser.