English Qlik Sense Developers 1.1

Extension workbench

The Extension workbench helps you develop your visualizations. It supports the js, qext, css and html formats.

At the top of the Extension workbench, the toolbar gives access to tools that let you create new visualizations, save visualizations, amongst other.

Below the toolbar, there is an Management area. This consist of tabs for quick access of the files that comprises the visualization.

Below the Management area you find the actual code editor. The code editor includes an code completion, or auto-complete, feature which helps developers navigate through the object structure of the Mashup API. An example of when this is useful is when developers need to write code that extracts values from lists or arrays and the object of reference is several steps up in the objects hierarchy.The code editor supports AngularJS directives, HTML and CSS. It also supports Backend API and definitions of the HyperCube.


Toolbar Extension workbench toolbar
B Management area Extension workbench management area
C Code editor The actual code editing is performed in the Code editor area.
D Imported assets Assets that have been imported are displayed in the Imported assets area.