English Qlik Sense Developers 1.0

Mashup workbench

If you want to make use of Qlik Sense Workbench, you must have Qlik Sense Desktop installed.

The Mashup workbench assists you in creating your mashups displaying Qlik Sense data on your website.

A Toolbar Mashup workbench toolbar
B Tabs Each individual file in your mashup is available as a tab. Additionally, you have a Layout tab displaying the layout of your web page.
C Assets panel

The Assets panel contain selectable items for adding Qlik Sense objects as well as field lists and hypercubes.

See also: Mashup workbench assets panel

D Code editor / Layout view If the Layout tab is selected, the layout of your web page is displayed in this area. If any of the file tabs are selected, the actual code editing is performed in this area.