English Qlik Sense Developers 1.0

Qlik Sense Mashups API reference

Use the Mashups API when you want to display Qlik Sense objects on your website. Amongst many other functions, it allows you to get objects, add buttons, create bookmarks and interact with fields.

For this a number of interfaces with related methods are available.

Interface Description
qlik External interface to Qlik Sense, used for mashups and for including Qlik Sense objects in external web pages.
qlik.app External interface to a Qlik Sense app and contains methods for app level commands.
qlik.app.bookmark External interface to the bookmarks in a Qlik Sense app.
qlik.app.field External interface to the fields in a Qlik Sense app and contain methods for field level commands.
qlik.app.variable External interface to Qlik Sense variables.