Qlik Engine API


The Qlik Engine API is a WebSocket protocol that uses JSON to pass information between the Qlik Sense engine and the clients.

It can be used for:

  • Building a client outside a web browser (for example, in Dotnet or Java)
  • Extending the functionality of a web browser

The Qlik Engine API works on any platforms and with any programming language that include a WebSocket library.

The protocol uses generic objects. The main concept is that a method points out to a JSON object that is generic and that has a hierarchical structure.

A Generic object definition:

  • Can be a sheet, a story, a list object, a hypercube, a slide or a pointer to another generic object.
  • Is hierarchical, meaning that it contains the definition of all its children and grandchildren.
  • Can be the concatenation of several generic objects. For example, a generic object could be both a list object and a chart. In that case, it would contain the definition of a list object and the definition of a chart.
  • A generic object can get any type. This implies that the engine does not care about the type of any object.
  • Dynamic properties can be added to a generic object and these properties are persisted. For more information on dynamic properties, see Properties that can be set.

Qlik Sense server installation

For more information on the QRS API, see the Qlik Sense repository server API documentation.

Qlik Sense local installation

If running a local installation of Qlik Sense, the proxy is not used since no authentication is needed.