Qlik Sense .NET SDK

The Qlik Sense .NET SDK is a development toolbox for use with applications such as Microsoft® Visual Studio®. It contains components for embedding Qlik Sense into host application programs developed by software manufacturers on an OEM basis.

The Qlik Sense .NET SDK can be used for building a Qlik Sense app from scratch or for visualizing an existing app in a custom client by embedding Qlik Sense objects. It can also be used for administering or modifying Qlik Sense apps in many different ways or for using Qlik Sense as a computing device.

The host application, in which the Qlik Sense .NET SDK library is embedded, can be written in for example Visual Basic or Visual C#.

This guide is not a guide for Visual Basic or Visual C#. The reader is supposed to possess a basic knowledge of Visual Basic or Visual C# programming.

The Qlik Sense .NET SDK is obtained from www.qlik.com. Log on or create a new account and then select the product to download.