English Qlik Connectors

QlikView Connectors


The database connectors use ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) drivers to connect directly to databases such as Apache Hive, IBM DB2, and Oracle without requiring DNS connections.


The Qlik DataMarket Connector for QlikView enables QlikView to load data from an extensive collection of up-to-date and ready-to-use data from external sources offered in the Qlik DataMarket.


The Qlik Essbase Connector loads data from Essbase cubes using an XMLA service. XMLA is a SOAP service that uses the XML for Analysis format for communication.

Google BigQuery

The Qlik Google BigQuery Connector enables you to load your Google Analytics data directly into a QlikView application.


The Qlik REST Connector enables QlikView to efficiently load data into an application from a REST data source. The Qlik REST Connector provides access to JSON, XML, and CSV data through a REST API.


The Qlik Salesforce Connector enables Salesforce.com account holders to efficiently load their Salesforce data into QlikView.


The Qlik Connector for use with SAP Netweaver enables QlikView to load data from a number of different repositories within the SAP architecture--SAP BI/BW, an SAP ERP, and a CRM system.


The QlikView Teradata (TPT) Connector uses the Teradata Parallel Transport service to load data from a Teradata database into a QlikView application.